100% Remove and Uninstall Windows Toolbox Malware

Recently we noticed an unwanted program called Windows Toolbox. This program comes from some developers as a GitHub project. Actually, this project injects trojans into users’ systems who used this program.

Why does User Use this program?

 Because this program provides lots of facilities in a single click, like Play store installation on windows, Windows Optimization, windows activation, etc.

How to 100% Remove and Uninstall Windows Toolbox Malware

That’s very easy Because some developers already provided the solution. If you need to remove the malware then use the “window Toolbox Malware Removal” GitHub Project. This project develops by Germany’s developer “Pabumake”.

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Step by step process to Remove and Uninstall Windows Toolbox Malware

  • First, visit GitHub and download the file. (link available in the below )
  • Unzip the file through unzipper software like WinRar.
  • After unzip, right-click on the “wTM-Removal.cmd” file and run this file as an administrator.
  • Then you need to type”Y” and press Enter.
  • After that Reboot your System, and Rerun the Script once more time.
  • On a third run the Script should display that there was nothing more found and its automatic exit after 10 seconds.
  • Now Run Windows Troubleshooting for Windows Updates and update your windows. (Because The Malware manipulates the Windows Update Service in some cases. This action should prevent Windows Update to mess with the Malware and make it unusable.)

Download Window Toolbox Malware Removal

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