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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Update Releasing on August 16; with Gunsmith, Shipment 1944 Map, and More

Call of Duty Mobile will receive Season 9 update on 16 August. Call of Duty Mobile announced through the official Twitter account. The Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is called ‘Conquest’ and will bring several new changes and features to the game, including with brand new maps, brand modes, brand events, also Gunsmith feature, and a new Ranked Series 6. There are some multiplayer and battle royale mode-specific updates as well. The developers have described some of these changes in Season 9 through a Reddit post.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Conquest

As per the Call of Duty Mobile Reddit post, Call of Duty Mobile team, there are many changes and features coming to the game with brand new Season 9, the major ones being the Gunsmith feature and also the Shipment 1944 map. After update Gunsmith allows players to customise their weapons to a greater extent with a myriad of attachments and better weapon data. There are so many stickers and skins that player can be used to make each weapon unique.

Each weapons type has a weapon XP system. The developers have stated that all base weapons can be unlocked through just playing the game, completing Gunsmith missions, unlocking them through the free Battle Pass, or by owning or acquiring any variant of the gun. All Epic variants or Legendary of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile may now be found via blueprints. Additionally, the developer’s statement, “All weapon variants of a lower rarity are now cames that can be applied on the player base weapon.” Charms, Reticles and stickers can also be used for customising weapons. The weapon variants can be levelled up to 50+ XP.

Shipment 1944

The brand new Shipment 1944 map will make its way to the stable version of Call of Duty Mobile with Season 9, having initially launched for the public test build of the CODM. It’s a Multiplayer map based on the small size and chaotic gameplay. It is a fast-paced map that will have players shooting right from the moment they spawn. The developers state that this map is ideal for practising with different weapons and completing challenges or tasks.

highlight some major changes in Call of Duty Mobile

While there is a lot we dive into here, we just wanted to highlight some major changes:

  • All base weapons can be unlocked by grinding across different systems
    • As a part of our newly revamped player level rewards
    • Gunsmith missions
    • Within the free Battle Pass
    • By owning or acquiring any variant of a gun (uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary)
  • Each base weapon has a series of grindable camos
  • Any Legendary or Epic weapon variants are now Blueprints
    • Blueprints are pre-made weapons that allow you to utilize a unique design or set up regardless of your weapon level for that type
  • All weapon variants of a lower rarity are now camos that can be applied on your base weapon
  • More customization – reticles, charms, and stickers are now available for weapons

Weapon XP/Progression

Weapons are all delegated to base types now, like the M4, PDW-57, Type 25, ICR-1, or any of others. Each weapon type has a weapon XP system attached to it, meaning you now level up that weapon type, not the specific variant.

  • Your weapon variant with the highest level of that type will determine the player new overall level for that weapon type
    • For example, if your highest AK117 variant was level 8 now your overall AK117 level is 8
  • Weapon types can be advanced up to level 50+ (varies per weapon)
  • Every level you unlock equals a new attachment

and many more changes coming on Call of Duty Mobile

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