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Chemical Composition And Mechanical/Physical Properties of ASTM A 105

American Society for Testing and Materials Means ASTM Is an American Standard. ASTM A105  is a Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Forgings for piping. Chemical Composition Mechanical/Physical Properties and of ASTM A 105 / ASTM A105.

This specification basically uses in ambient and higher-temperature service in pressure systems.

Astm A105 has Chemical Composition, Mechanical/physical properties. In the chemical composition, there are 10 main chemical elements. They are Carbon, Manganese, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Silicon, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium.

 Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. Their quantity  Carbon 0.35% Maximum, Manganese 0.60–1.05%, Phosphorus 0.035% Maximum, Sulfur 0.040 Maximum, Silicon 0.10–0.35%, Copper 0.40 Maximum, Nickel 0.40 Maximum, Chromium 0.30 Maximum, Molybdenum 0.12 Maximum, Vanadium 0.08 Maximum.

 ASTM A 105 Mechanical/physical properties are Tensile strength 485 Mpa Minimum, Yield strength 250Mpa Minimum And Elongation for flat materials 30% Minimum or  Elongation for round materials 22% Minimum.

Chemical Composition of ASTM A 105

Carbon  ( C ) %0.35% (Max.)
Manganese ( Mn ) %0.60-1.05 %
Silicon  ( Si ) %0.10 -0.35 %
Sulfur  ( S ) %0.040%  (Max.)
Phosphorus (  P ) %0.035%  (Max.)
Chromium ( Cr ) %0.30% (Max.)
Molybdenum ( Mo ) %0.12% (Max.)
Nickel ( Ni ) %0.40% (Max.)
Copper ( Cu ) %0.40% (Max.)
Vanadium ( V )%0.05% (Max.)

Mechanical/Physical Properties of ASTM A 105

Mechanical/Physical PropertiesSPECIFIED VALUE AS PER ASTM A105
Tensile strength485 Mpa
( Minimum )
Yield strength250 Mpa
( Minimum )
Elongation in 2 inches. or 50 mm, min, %: Basic minimum elongation for walls 5⁄16 inch. [7.9 mm] and over in thickness, strip tests.30%
( Minimum )
When standard round 2 inches. or 50mm gage length or smaller proportionally sized specimen with the gage length equal to the 4D is used22%
( Minimum )

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