Enable TPM In HP Laptop: Pavilion, Presario, and Envy Notebook Etc

Currently, the main Problem is TPM. Every windows user trying to know How to Enable TPM in BIOS. Recently Microsoft Published Windows 11. Without TPM nobody can install Windows 11. I will help you to enable TPM In HP Laptop.

Process for enable TPM in HP Laptop

  • At first Reboot or Turn on Your HP Laptop.
  • when turning on your Laptop, immediately press the Escape key repeatedly for entering in Startup Menu. Without entering in Startup Menu, you can’t Enable TPM in HP Laptop.
Enable TPM In HP Laptop
  • Now Press ‘F10’ to enter in BIOS Setup.
  • After entering in BIOS Setup, Use the arrow key to choose the System Configuration menu.
  • Now you can see FTPM Support (AMD CPU installed in our HP Laptop. If Intel CPU install in your laptop then You can see TPM or PTT. FTPM, TPM, And PTT all are same)
Enable TPM In HP Laptop
  • Enable FTPM Support options.

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  • Now click on ‘Save and Exit’ or press F10 for ‘Save and Exit’.
  • Now your system ready with TPM.
  • After this, you don’t need any other process to Enable TPM In HP Laptop.

You can use this method to enable TPM in any HP laptop or desktop like Pavilion, Presario, and Envy Notebook, etc.

Note that You may See PTT or FTPM. Both are the same. PTT comes from intel. PTT full from Intel Platform Trust Technology. And FTPM comes from AMD. FTPM Full From Firmware Trusted Platform Module.

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