How to install Windows 11 On Every Devices or Old Devices.

If you Have an old PC But You Try to experience Windows 11 Then Just follow our article.

Requirement of Device and File list.

  1. One Pen drive (Minimum 8GB Requirement)
  2. Windows 11 ISO File (Approx. 5.38 GB) [ Download Windows 11]
  3. Windows 10 ISO File (Not Mandatory for all PC.)
  4. One Windows Desktop or Laptop.

Types of Common Problems for Windows 11 Installation

  • Processor Does Not Support
  • Windows 11 won’t run due to TPM
  • Windows 11 won’t run due to Secure boot

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How To Bypass Common Problems for Windows 11 Installation

Processor Does Not Support

If You have any intel processor lower than 8 Gen or Amd Processor lower then Ryzen 3 2300X,

Then you can’t install Windows 11 officially. But if you have TPM And secure Boot on your Bios then you can install windows 11 without any headache. Just Follow this Article.

Without Pen drive Process:

  • At first you need to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft Website.
  • After Download, Move the file on “D Or E Or Any Drive Without C Drive”.
  • Then Mount the ISO File.
  • After Mount Open Mount Folder.
  • Now Run “Setup.exe” File.
  • It automatically Install Windows 11, You just Select your preference option When Popup Windows Comes.
  • After All process it Will Be install Windows 11 Successfully

Only For You : Enable TPM In HP Laptop: Pavilion, Presario, and Envy Notebook Etc

With Pen drive Process:

  • At first Create a Bootable Pen drive with Windows 11 ISO.
  • Or Format your Pen drive with UEFI Mode.
  • If you choose Format Pen drive Process, then Mount Windows 11 Setup.
  • After Pen drive Format, Open windows 11 Mount Folder and copy all file and past in Pen drive.
  • After completing Copy, Your pendrive Ready for boot.
  • Now boot your PC or Laptop (Or Any Windows Computer) On BIOS.

(Opening BIOS process Deferent for all Motherboard or laptop Manufacturers, so search on Google with Model number)

  • Now find Secure Boot. If available, Then Turn off Secure Boot.
  • And Also Find TPM Or PTT. If available Then Turn on it.
  • After all process choose Pen drive as a Bootable drive. And save the changes and boot your system with Pen drive.
  • After Loading Format your C Drive and Delete C Drive.
  • Now create again with same volume (Minimum 100GB)
  • Now select C Drive and Continue To install And Choose All Options As per your requirement.
  • After Complete, Remove and Choose Hard disk as a Bootable drive.
  • And also Turn on Secure Boot.
  • Now Boot your system, Your System ready with Windows 11.

Advance Process If all process Failed:

  • At first Download windows 10 ISO from the Microsoft website.
  • Then Download windows 11 ISO from the Microsoft website.
  • After All download Create a Folder on without C drive.
  • Now Mount all ISO file.
  • Now copy all windows 10 file and past in the Folder. After past delete ” install.wim file ” from “sources folder”
  • Now open windows 11 ISO and Now copy ” install.wim file ” from “sources folder” and past on the New location’s “Source folder” .
  • Now you can install Windows 11 without any issues with any Process.

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