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IS 10748-2004 Hot-rolled Steel Strip for Welded Tubes and Pipes

Indian Standard 10748-2004 ( IS 10748-2004 )based on HOT-ROLLED STEEL STRIP FOR WELDED TUBES AND PIPES.

Chemical Composition Of  IS 10748-2004

10.10% (Max.)0.50% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)
20.12% (Max.)0.60% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)
30.16% (Max.)1.20% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)
40.20% (Max.)1.30% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)
50.25% (Max.)1.30% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)0.040% (Max.)

Mechanical / Physical Composition Of  IS 10748-2004

  Grade  Tensile Strength MPa
( Min.)
  Yield Stress MPa
( Min.)
Percentage Elongation, Minimum at Gauge Length 5.65 √S0  Internal Diameter of Bend
2330210282 t
3410240252 t
4430275203 t
5490310153 t

IS 10748-2004 E-Book PDF

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