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IS 7887 / 1992 steel Chemical Composition wire rods

IS 7887-1992 steel wire rods for general engineering purposes

Chemical Composition Of  IS 7887–1992

10.06% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.35% (Max.)
20.08% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.25 to 0.40%
30.10% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.70% (Max.)
40.08-0.13%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
4 M0.08-0.13%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.60-0.90%
50.10-0.15%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
60.13-0.18%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
6M0.13-0.18%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.60-0.90%
70.15-0.20%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
7M0.15-0.20%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.60-0.90%
80.18-0.23%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
8M0.18-0.23%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.60-0.90%
90.20-0.25%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
100.22-0.28%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.30-0.60%
10M0.22-0.28%0.050% (Max.)0.050% (Max.)0.60-0.90%

IS 7887–1992 PDF

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physical composition Of  IS 7887–1992

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