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Is ‘COD’ Mobile A Chinese App? ‘Call Of Duty’ Mobile will be banned in future?

COD: Mobile, COD Warzone and COD Warfare are amongst the many interesting survival games in the world. On October 1, 2019, The COD: Mobile was launched. COD: Mobile Provide console-quality gaming experience on any smartphone with voice, text chat, customizable controls and high-quality sound.

Mainly COD: Mobile players love multiplayer mode on CODM. basically Call Of Duty Mobile is a Battle Royale game. Recently PUBG mobile was banned in India for direct chines relationship. Which is why many people are trying to find out if Call Of Duty: Mobile is Chinese or not. Let’s find out, COD mobile origin country.

Is COD Mobile / Call Of Duty Mobile a Chinese app?

COD Mobile, which is one of the most popular mobile gaming apps, is developed by an American tech company called Activision Blizzard Pvt Ltd. Call Of Duty: Mobile, COD Warzone, and more games have been launched under the same brand. Call of duty mobile game currently has more than 100,000,000+ downloads on google play store. The size of the CODM is just 94 MB.

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‘Call Of Duty’ Mobile will be banned in future? 

This completely depends on the company. If They stealing user data and surreptitiously transmitting user’ data in an unauthorised manner to servers located outside India then may be banned. And if the Indian government find out any loopholes or security issue for India then maybe banned.

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