OnePlus confirms some features won’t come in older flagships: such as RAM Boost

OnePlus recently published beta Android 11 for three compatible devices. The new features come with OxygenOS 11 and OxygenOS based on Android 11. OnePlus will announce the new UI at the end of this year for its phones. Although the Internet is divided over how they feel about the new user interface, OnePlus has revealed that some of the already available software features will not come to their old phones even though they promised to get them.

The Editor-in-Chief of XDA-Developers asks OnePlus about these promised features that are yet to arrive. 

the reasons why these features are not coming to these phones 

RAM Boost for OnePlus 5 series

Actually, RAM Boost comes with the OnePlus 7 series. And OnePlus promise to provide these feature for the OnePlus 5T, and OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T. This feature helps the apps for taking full advantage of the RAM to improve performance.

OnePlus promise to provide these feature for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T after one year ago. When asked why it is not to be available, OnePlus said it will no longer be released for both phones due to hardware compatibility problems. 

RAM Boost for OnePlus 5 series, DC Dimming for the OnePlus 6/6T

Caller Identification for OnePlus 3 series

last year, OnePlus announced an India-exclusive caller identification feature for the OnePlus 6/6T. The feature was promised to provide for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T along with their Android Pie update but the company does not provide the feature with the update. OnePlus says the feature will no longer be published for the two phones. because OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T have reached their end of life.

DC Dimming for the OnePlus 6/6T

DC Dimming was also covered in the source post as not being available for the OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 even though it was promised but users of the two phones have revealed the feature is available for them.

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