The Tube Service. The London Underground?

About The Tube Service

The Tube is the nickname of The Famous Public Transport system called The London Underground.

Basically, this is one of the high-speed Underground train service. And This is the Quickest mode of transport for journeys in the united kingdom.

The London Underground also known as “The Tube”, But never the “Subway” is usually the quickest mode of transport for journeys to across town. It might not be the best for going a short distance though. Local peoples laugh at tourists who take the tube for one stop. There were 270 stations are present. and 270 stations are connected by 12 lines which are named and colored.

The London Underground line color chart

Line NameColor
BakerlooPhilippine Gold
CentralLust/ Red
CircleCyber Yellow
DistrictLa Salle Green
Hammersmith & CityMetallic Pink
JubileeQuick Silver
MetropolitanJazzberry Jam
VictoriaRich Electric Blue
Waterloo & CityTurquoise Green
DLRBlue (Munsell)
London OvergroundUniversity Of Tennessee Orange
London TramsDark Lemon Lime
Emirates Cable CarCrimson

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Planning of journey

Every station has an individual map, but it’s not to scale, or even geographically correct. We suggest carrying a map with you. Google Maps is just OK. It Doesn’t really account for transfer time. But the citymapper app is way better than google Map. includes walking time, and also what part of the train to ride.

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Buying a ticket

Yes, you can get a paper ticket, but it’s approx 5 GBP for one ride. First Get an Oyster Card. And Then deposit 5 GBP, then load it up. You can buy Tickets from any tube station, vending machines take bills, coins, and credit cards. But it might not take Your credit cards. Use machines to top up cards too.

Getting in

Every Tube station has ticket gates, find the ones that have an arrow that indicates it is for the entry. Either insert your paper ticket in the slot or tap the oyster card. You Will also see the oyster balance.

Finding the platform :

Since you planned your route, you’ll definitely know what line you’re taking. Look for the overhead sign, and find the direction( Northbound, Eastbound, etc) The platforms are well pronounced and signs indicate the way to the platforms and the destinations served by the colorful platforms. Not all trains on a” line” trip to all stops. Be sure that the train you take peregrination to your destination by reading the overhead signs or the illuminated sign on the front of the train. Also, make sure you take the train to the correct branch. Riding the train Mind the gap getting on. Sit or stand. Mind the precedence seats, and mind your head. The doors are twisted. Charts inside the train Stops are well blazoned and you can see outside the window the stops too. I generally find it stylish just to count.

Exiting :

 Once you get off the train, you’ll connect or exit. If you’re connecting look for the overhead signs for your transfer line If you’re exiting– look for the “ Way Out ” signs. Make sure you’re going out the correct exit and just “ valve ” your way out.

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